East of Sumatra 1953 — Louis L’Amour’s first film.

As a young man, Louis L’Amour wasn’t exactly untraveled. “Aside from wandering over much of the west I’d been through the West Indies, to England and back, to Italy and the Netherlands and back. I’d gone around the world, touching Japan, China, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, the Straits Settlements, Malaya, India, Arabia, Egypt, etc.”


Occasionally there is even more than will fit into Bonus Material Postscripts in the back of Louis’ books. Here you will find additional interesting material relating to your favorite L’Amour novels and short stories …

Louis’ imagination stretched well beyond the tremendous variety of work that he did produce, from Westerns and Crime Stories, High Adventure and Historical Romance, to stories he planned in Science Fiction, Horror and what can only be called Mystical or Spiritual Adventure.

This section of the site features some of Louis’ shorter or more inconclusive story fragments; material that didn’t make it into Louis L’Amour’s Lost Treasures Volume I or II.

You will also find exclusive photos, scans, video and audio giving you an even deeper look into Louis’ life and work.

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Louis and Beau L’Amour

“My friend,” he said, “I do not know what else I shall leave my son, but if I have left him a love of language, of literature, a taste for Homer, for the poets, the people who have told our story — and by ‘our’ I mean the story of mankind — then he will have legacy enough.” … The Lonesome Gods


The town of Shalako — In the late 1960s Louis got involved with a company that wanted to find a use for a large piece of land that they owned at the base of the La Plata Mountains just west of Durango, Colorado. With Louis’ help they decided that they would plan a development that would be a combination of a living museum and a western theme park. Over the following years additional property was secured, plans were drawn up, the process of securing environmental impact statements was begun. There were hold ups of different sorts, in planning, financing, and…

Deep within the jungles of Borneo flows
a legendary river of diamonds . . .

An ex-Marine on the run from the nightmares of war. An American scientist and his beautiful wife on a desperate journey to save their marriage. An aging native shaman trying to teach his grandson one last, all important, lesson. All are headed up an uncharted river into a confrontation with a mysterious warlord trapped by a deadly curse.

The Diamond of Jeru is a tale of love, redemption, heroism, and magic from the master storyteller Louis L’Amour.


Producing, editing, directing, recording and creating a Louis L’Amour dramatized audio is an exceptional experience. Listening to one is much easier and even better!

Available on CD and as an MP3 Digital Download …


By Louis L’Amour

An Article by Louis L’Amour — Where To Find Stories

When my ship was at anchor in the Whangpo River at Shanghai a few years ago two women and three children used to come along side in a sampan to beg for food. There were many such sampans, but this family was clean, and the smallest child, a boy, appealed to all of us. One of the crew, a former gangster from Baltimore, was particularly attracted to him. Several years and a good many miles later, I made a story of the incident that was published in Story, and called “The Admiral.”

In San Pedro, I talked…

Louis L’Amour from EDUCATION OF A WANDERING MAN recounting a tale of a night on the UTE Reservation in South Western Colorado.


“I went often to visit cliff dwellings or other Anasazi ruins. I came to see, to learn, and to disturb nothing. Let the archaeologists who know what they are doing handle that. A pot or a broken fragment removed from its discovery site has lost much of its value. Slowly, with a discovery here and one there, the history of the Southwest is put together, but it is painstaking work, and the pot someone carries away to…

The Search for Haunted Mesa!

The Hill brothers, owners of a local business in Grand Junction, Colorado, took it upon themselves to head out overland to the locations described in Louis L’Amour’s Novel THE HAUNTED MESA.

Scot, one of the brothers, and Kevin, an employee (and amateur videographer), went along on the recent trip to Nokai Dome. Kevin made a short video of the trip and posted it on YouTube. We thought you might enjoy joining them on their adventure … without all the dust.


You can find the Hill Brothers and their excellent outdoor gear online at:


Louis L’Amour in the Louis L’Amour’s Lost Treasures Edition of COMSTOCK LODE discusses his time in the mines and its’ influence on his novel. Here in his own words he discusses what it was like living and working in the mines as a young man.

Louis L'Amour

I think of myself in the oral tradition, as a troubadour, a village tale-teller, the man in the shadows of a campfire. That’s the way I’d like to be remembered.

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